Is Youth wasted on the young?

In our teens and twenties… even well into our thirties, many of us believe we are invincible!
Working, studying, eating whatever we want, partying a little too much, soaking up the sun and who needs sleep, when there is so much to do?

Unfortunately, it does catch up with you quite unexpectedly. One morning you wake up and notice those freckles and patchy spots that somehow got darker overnight. You notice the fine lines around your eyes and the hollows under your eyes. Your skin does not seem to bounce back like it used to and despite being way past puberty, you are still getting spots.

You are afraid your boss is going to think you have been out partying when in fact you finished your presentation early and got a full eight hours sleep. Life is going well except for the fact that you always seem to look tired. It really hits home when several people ask you if you are okay? I am not just speaking to the ladies here… guys, you know you have been there too.

Do not fret, this is the first wake-up call! It is time to start looking after your skin! The longer you leave it, the more commitment and time it will take to turn things around.

The question I often get is: “At what age should I start getting treatments” …
The answer is simple… NOW! Followed by… AND STICK WITH IT. In the same way that you cannot get a six pack overnight, do not expect to reverse the signs of aging with the swish of the doctor’s wand i.e. needle and syringe.

While Botox® is not appropriate for a 16-year-old, decongesting and gentle chemical peels are excellent to prevent breakouts and control pigmentation. Botox® can be a yearly treatment for someone in their twenties to keep wrinkles away before they have even started. Treatments like Xela Redermalisation are fantastic across almost all ages, to keep the skin supple and radiantly hydrated. It does not matter where you are along the time line, there are treatments that can help you, to look your best! The earlier you start to take care of your skin, the easier it becomes to maintain that radiance.

What you have to realise is that beauty is not just a physical blessing… It takes a tremendous amount of commitment, to improving yourself. When you feel confident in your outer appearance, you are going to exude that positive energy into everything you do! It is helping my clients, transition from staring into the mirror wondering what went wrong, to that naughty smile of confidence, that makes me absolutely love my job!