Thinking about threads?

Threads are making headlines and everyone’s curious about the “the non-surgical facelift”.

Can threads really lift your sagging jowls and leave you with skin tighter than a pair of skinny jeans?

If it sounds too good to be true then unfortunately it is, but, threads can give fantastic results for the right indications.

What one needs to remember about medical aesthetics in general is that there is no one-fix-solution. Non-invasive or minimally invasive medical aesthetics uses a combination of treatments staggered over a period of time to achieve a natural result. Threads are just one of the treatments that in combination with other procedures can turn back the hands of time.

There are many different types of threads; long and short, spiral and coned, made from different materials, with a price tag that is equally varied, however, there are two basic principles:

  • Threads will help to lift sagging skin.

You need to be realistic here, threads can reposition skin slightly higher to reduce the appearance of a fold and create a smoother facial contour, but remember we are not cutting away or removing excess skin.

  • Threads are biodegradable, and as they are reabsorbed, they stimulate collagen production.

It sounds like science fiction, but the initial ‘lift’ from the thread is progressively maintained by your body. As the thread material breaks down, it is replaced by collagen strands that create a support scaffolding that helps to counteract the effects of gravity.  The increased cellular activity also improves skin texture and the results continue to improve over a few months.

This is perhaps the most exciting aspect of threads; their ability to stimulate the body to regenerate itself. You are essentially replacing what has been lost with time and your body is doing most of the work.

The typical areas that are treated include; lifting and smoothing the jawline, softening smile lines around the mouth, lifting the brows and the list goes on…

A treatment takes about an hour, there is minimal discomfort, and you’ll probably have a bruise or three that can be covered up with make-up. You’ll also need to be gentle with your skin for several weeks to get the best result.

I personally consider threads to be a more ‘advanced’ treatment. We would generally first recommend Botox® to relax the muscles that are tugging down on the face and are accentuating the folds. We might then recommend dermal fillers to replace some volume (for example the cheek area) that has been lost with aging, and then finally use threads as a finishing touch to give that subtle lift to refine the result.

Like all treatments, its highly individualised and it is most important that you clearly understand exactly how threads will fit into your treatment plan and what the result will be. Take the time to do some research and when you are ready, feel free to schedule an appointment so that we can answer any remaining questions and get you started on this exciting journey.