GYM for the SKIN…

My clients will know that this is one of my favourite sayings. Looking good, takes time and commitment. We all admire the glistening, toned body running along the beach front, but to achieve that look takes dedication. First and foremost it should be about prioritizing your health, wellbeing and longevity.

While many of the treatment we offer, do give immediate results such as fewer wrinkles with Botox® and fuller lips with dermal fillers, it’s the less glamorous maintenance treatments that with time, make all the difference! Don’t get me wrong, Botox® and dermal fillers have their place, but today I want to focus on the treatments that will restore a youthful quality to your skin that comes with a long-term commitment to a medical aesthetic treatment plan.

The following treatments form part of a medical aesthetic maintenance program:

  • Chemical Peels and Skin Conditioning
  • Mesotherapy
  • Xela Rederm
  • Skin Boosting Injections
  • Collagen Induction Therapy with Micro-Needling Devices
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (The Vampire Facial)

There are usually two phases to these treatments:

  • An initial boosting phase of 3 treatments spaced at 2-4 weekly intervals
  • The maintenance phase of treatments done at 4-6 monthly intervals

These treatments stimulate collagen and elastin production, they attract and maintain moisture in the skin and activate regenerative cellular processes that might have nodded off to sleep with aging. These are the treatments that collectively, improve and maintain even skin tone, texture and hydration. They help fight off free radicals and kick start the body’s healing and regenerative potential.

Additional benefits of these treatments are that they have been shown to reduce the appearance of acne scaring, stretch marks, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkels.

Why not do some research about the abovementioned treatments? and remember that we are here to assist you to make sense of all the information that’s out there. Each person is beautifully unique and your first consultation will give us an opportunity to make an assessment of your specific aesthetic needs. It will give you the opportunity to ask questions and together we will work towards finding your youthful solution.

Follow the links below, to find out more information about each of these treatments.

Chemical Peels (www.mesoestetics.co.za), Mesotherapy (www.mesoestetics.co.za), Xela-Rederm (www.hyalual.com), Skin boosting (www.restylane.com), Micro-Needling (www.eclipseaesthetics.com) Platelet Rich Plasma (www.dermav.co.za/prp)